Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 Easy Things

I saw both of these on Pinterest and I had supplies and they were both things we could finish in no time at all: Twig Star Yeah, this IS as easy as it looks. I have a yard full of sticks, just went out and filled a box full. Laid them out into a star and hot glued the tips together. My 9 year old twin boys even made a few of these. I need to pick up some twine to hang them around the house/tree. I might even make a big one to hang on the wall. I really like the way they look! Next was this. I had seen this really simple way to add a pop of color into your kitchen by spray painting the old boring butcher block. The one I saw on Pinterest was a bright looking lime green. I didn't have lime green spray paint but I did have red so I sprayed it then stenciled the fleur de lis. Took about 5 minutes total, not counting the dry time!


  1. very beautiful dear! like it ;)
    Pass to me, i'm waiting yoy i have a new post and look if you are my follower, i'm already your follower!
    I wisht that you have a good Christmas

  2. That is a neat idea. I may just have a painted knife block by this afternoon.
    Many thanks for your kind coment!

  3. I am SO doing this! Glad I found your crafty blog :) I actually came over from Rural Thursday, from your other blog!