Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Tree Skirt

I actually didn't see this on Pinterest and I can't remember where I got the idea..probably Family Fun mag or something like that. Anyways, we started this tradition back in 2003. I bought a plain Christmas Tree skirt and each year I paint the kids hands and they leave their handprints on it. I then write their names with the year and now that I am thinking about it, it would have been even a neater idea to have them write their own names to see the changes in their penmanship over the years as well as hand size...dang! The kids love this tradition and so do I. We finally filled up one whole side of the skirt so we had to flip it over this year. A big change this year was that my 14 year old son's handprints are now bigger than my 17 year old daughters'!

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