Monday, December 12, 2011

Spray Paint Furniture Re-Do

I've always wanted to pick up one of those cheapy tables at Goodwill or wherever and turn it into something spectacular but I never knew where to start...then Pinterest walked into my life and things just haven't been the same since! I immediately saw an easy peasy spray paint table re-do that sounded like something even I could copy. I ran to Goodwill and picked up a small cabinet and 2 night stands that were desperately in need of some fixing up. (my little cabinet BEFORE) Here's the way it went down: 1) Picked up cheapy cabinet from Goodwill for less than $10 2) Ran out to Lowes and got some spray paint. I think I bought 3 cans but only used like 1 and a half. And also I bought some Polyurethane to seal it afterwards. The kind I bought was Minwax and it's located right by the spray paint. 3) Next I sanded down all the exterior surfaces and then cleaned it all up with a damp cloth. 4) I removed all the hardware and gave them a quick spray with black spray paint. 5) After the cabinet was nice and clean and dry, I then started to spray paint it. I tried to just do light coats so it wouldn't drip, but I did have a tiny bit of drip issues when I started to get impatient but that's ok, it wasn't really noticable. It took me about 3 coats of spray paint to get full coverage (let the paint dry in between, which it dries pretty quick). 6) After the paint was all dry, really dry, I started to sand the edges and spots on the cabinet to give it the distressed look I was after. That was really easy. 7) After distressing it, I then wiped it down again and then took a rag and applied my polyurethane. It really doesn't take a lot of this stuff. I only did one coat but I think I will go back and do another just to give it some extra protection. 8) Now just let it all dry and voila! (my little cabinet AFTER) I like the way it turned out if I do say so myself! When I brought it into the room I noticed the mirror that was hanging in there and decided to paint that to match and I used the same steps as above. That was super easy. I do need to go get some magnetic cabinet closure things to help the doors stay shut. When my son and I were hauling this upstairs the door flung way open and now won't shut completely, so that needs a little help!