Monday, January 2, 2012

Dry Erase Frame

I was downstairs cleaning up the basement when I came across some frames I hadn't used yet so I was able to quickly complete this idea I saw on Pinterest (of course!). I took the frame, tore out a piece of notebook paper and I antiqued my paper up by blotting with my used coffee filter and let it dry. After it was dry, I put it in the frame and there you go, a dry erase marker board! Now that the holidays are over I am looking forward to completing more projects :)


  1. I saw on Christine's blog you had lost your mother. I am sorry. We always need our moms.

  2. Encantador blog el tuyo, un placer haberme pasado por tu espacio.

    Saludos y feliz viernes.

  3. GREAT Idea! A creative use of a frame!
    Happy New Year to You!